Hope Center

District of Sooke

M’akola Development Services constructed a 4 storey, mixed-use building with 25 affordable housing units and over 3,100 square feet of commercial space at 6750 West Coast Road in the downtown core of the District of Sooke.

The building was constructed for the M’akola Housing Society in partnership with the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, BC housing and Employment and Social Development Canada in order to provide high-quality, affordable housing for homeless and at-risk aboriginal youth.

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. was hired to provide detailed design and construction administration services for the installation of site servicing, site grading, drainage, and frontage works.

This project imposed a challenge when it was determined that the existing offsite drainage infrastructure had limited additional capacity. All of the storm water produced by the largely impervious development was required to be stored onsite and released at a controlled rate, as to not overwhelm the existing municipal system. Westbrook Consulting designed a storm water detention system composed of a rock pit, which drained to an outlet caped with a restricted orifice. The restriction allowed for the flow rate to be controlled. The size of the rock pit was determined based on the estimate volume of water produced by the site and the maximum allowable flow rate to the municipal system.

Key Personnel: Mike Wignall; Nicole Fischer; Kevin Hossack

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