Goldspur Road

City of Langford

Goldspur Road is a 24 lot, single family home subdivision, located at 760 Latoria Road in the City of Langford. The subdivision is situated at the base of Triangle Mountain’s southern slope and is adjacent to Pritchard Creek.

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. provided topographic survey, detailed civil engineering design and construction layout and inspection services for the development.

The project involved the design of site grading, Goldspur Road, and sanitary, drain and water services for each lot. One of the highlights of the project was the opportunity to construct a storm water detention pond as part of the City of Langford’s Storm Water Master Plan. Westbrook Consulting worked closely with the project’s environmental consultant to construct a naturalized pond that is functional in both the necessary engineering and environmental aspects, while being aesthetically pleasing. The pond is now a main feature to the subdivision entrance and acts as a buffer between the development and Latoria Road.

Challenges included working adjacent to an active creek, and carrying out routine monitoring of the erosion and sediment control methods to ensure they were working effectively during the construction period.

The project was completed in 2015.

Key Personnel: Mike Wignall; Bruce Crawshaw; Nicole Fischer; Phil Cerrer; Ian Anderson; Kevin Hossack

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