Savory Road Sewer Extension

City of Langford

As part of an ongoing program to remove septic systems on lakeside homes in the City of Langford, West Shore Environmental Services extended a low pressure sewer along the west side of Florence Lake. The project extended 280 m of low pressure sanitary sewer from 2653 Savory Road to 2690 Savory Road and provided 20 municipal sewer service connections.

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. provided topographic survey, detailed civil engineering design, tendering, and construction period services for the extension. Throughout the project, coordination was required with West Shore Environmental Services, the City of Langford, various Utilities and the contractor. Additionally, service locations were coordinated with homeowners to ensure the sewer services were placed in optimal locations.

One of the construction challenges was to maintain vehicular access to Savory Road. Savory Road is a very narrow road, with a pavement width of less than 4 m prior to construction. There is only one access in and out of Savory Road. As such, Westbrook worked with the contractor to minimize disruption and maintain emergency access. The contractor was able to use smaller machines and work on the edge of the road to maintain access.

Considerations of future development that would require servicing within the main extension area, as well as considerations for future development that would require an additional extension of the main were both accounted for in the design.

The construction of the sewer main was completed in February of 2017.

Key Personnel: Ben Badke; Kevin Hossack

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