St. Margaret’s Junior School

District of Saanich

St. Margaret’s School, located in the District of Saanich, expanded their learning facility with the construction of a new Junior School. The 1,947 m2, two storey building, was constructed to meet LEED® Silver Certification.

The project utilized several Low Impact Development features such as, a geothermal system for heating and cooling, planted swales, and grass-grid and Aqua-Paving permeable paving stones.

Westbrook Consulting provided the conceptual design, detailed design, and construction inspection for the site services.  As part of the site servicing, Westbrook designed the vegetated swales for storm water treatment and detention, the permeable pavers for treatment of hydrocarbons and total suspended solids within the runoff, as well as a sanitary lift station.

The school and associated services were constructed during an active school year, therefore coordination was required to ensure minimal disturbance to the school.

The project was completed in 2006.

Key Personnel: Mike Wignall; Bruce Crawshaw

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