Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park Sanitary Sewer

City of Langford

The Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park, located along Florence Lake in the City of Langford was constructed in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. The park consisted of 155 mobile home units serviced by sections of gravity sewer and several communal sewage treatment plants and disposal fields.

Westbrook Consulting was engaged in 2013 to bring municipal sanitary sewer service to the Hidden Valley Mobile Home Park to allow for the existing septic fields to be decommissioned.

The challenge faced by Westbrook was to efficiently design a new sewer line to connect all mobile homes in the park to a new municipal sewer service at the property line of the park and decommission the existing treatment plants and sewage disposal fields.  The design was further complicated by the lack of comprehensive records of other services.

Westbrook worked closely with the park owners, park manager and sewage disposal maintenance contractor to design a system of sewers that connected the various sub-catchment areas efficiently.  Westbrook was able to propose a design that used one medium sized lift station, a creek crossing and one small lift station to connect all mobile home units to the sewer and decommission the sewage disposal fields and treatment plants.

Due to the unknown conditions, Westbrook, in consultation with the park owners, administered a cost plus contract with a highly regarded local contractor who had a reputation for working well in challenging conditions. Despite the degree of unknown conditions, the project was completed efficiently and with very little disruption to the existing residents.

Construction commenced in the fall of 2013 and was completed in the late spring of 2014. 

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Kyle Stubbs; Nicole Fischer; Ben Badke; Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack

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