Pritchard Creek Estates

City of Langford

Pritchard Creek Estates is a 47 lot, single family home development located off Latoria Road in the City of Langford.

The western portion of the site was Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) designated property, while the east portion was approved for subdivision.  The ALR and subdivision portions of the site are separated by Pritchard Creek, a local water course.

Westbrook Consulting was engaged to provide topographic survey, detailed design of site grading, storm water management and site servicing, as well as construction inspection services for the proposed development.

The early stages of the project involved working closely with the owner and project aquatic ecologist to model and design a series of storm water management and habitat ponds and structures.  As a result, the existing Pritchard Creek was enhanced significantly by providing habitat for fish and a clear high water flow path during winter conditions.

Westbrook Consulting provided strategic grading of the ALR lands in order to provide a suitable location for a grape vineyard within close proximity to Pritchard Creek that is also protected from seasonal flooding and drainage issues.

Westbrook also provided the detailed design of site grading, including significant amounts of rock blasting as well as the detailed design of a storm water management system for the subdivision. The storm water management system featured in-ground storm water disposal through two exfiltration basins in order to maintain pre-development flows to the creek.

The project began in 2012 and design development continued through the ALR approval and subdivision approval process until the summer of 2015.  Construction commenced in the spring of 2015 and continued through to the summer of 2016.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack

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