City of Langford

The Summerstone development is a 69 unit bare land strata, small lot subdivision located on Happy Valley Road in the City of Langford. 

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. provided topographic survey, detailed design of site servicing, grading and storm water management, and construction inspection services for the development.

Grading challenges arose with this project due to the dense subdivision being situated in a steep landscape. Detailed design of proposed grades was required to ensure that all lots were accessible without difficulty. Large rock cuts and fills were employed due to the steep, rocky slopes. The site grading was designed in such a manner that the blasted rock material generated from the large cuts could be utilized in the fill areas throughout the development. The balance of rock material was key to minimizing costs and ensuring the success of the project.

The high density of the subdivision resulted in a high fire flow demand for the water system. The available water pressures and flows were at a moderate level and it was required that water be supplied for domestic and firefighting uses from three sources in two pressure zones.

The storm water management system Westbrook designed for the development included both common detention galleries within strata parking areas and individual storm water detention cells on most of the lots. Storm water detention was necessary in order to ensure no downstream impacts occurred due to the change in land use.

The design of civil works for the project started in the summer of 2012 and construction commenced in 2013. The final finishing touches on the project were completed in 2016.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack

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