English Meadows

District of Central Saanich

English Meadows is a 37 lot subdivision located in the Keating Ridge area of Central Saanich.  Providing views of the Martindale Flats farmland and the Salish Sea beyond, the project entailed the subdivision of one of the remaining green field sites on Keating Ridge.

Westbrook Consulting provided detailed design of all subdivision servicing, tendering and contract administration and construction inspection and layout.

Among the challenges of the project was the need to keep post construction runoff to pre-development levels.  In order to achieve this requirement, Westbrook designed storm water detention tanks within the public roadways, as well individual storm water detention systems for each lot.

Detailed design work was carried out during the spring of 2006, with tendering occurring in the summer of 2006 and construction following between September, 2006 and the early spring of 2007.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack

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