Elevation Pointe

City of Colwood

Elevation Pointe is a residential subdivision located at 517 & 535 Latoria Road in the City of Colwood. Phase 1 of the development consists of 32 single family lots, and Phase 2 is currently in the design phase and is proposed to consist of 29 single family lots.

Westbrook Consulting took over the project from a local engineering company that no longer is in service to provide completion of the detailed site servicing and grading design, as well as construction layout and inspection services. Westbrook has provided topographic survey and preliminary design of the site layout and grading for Phase 2.

The topography of the site consisted of steep slopes resulting in site grading challenges. Phase 1 required significant blasting to achieve adequate accessibility throughout the development, while limiting the extent of retaining walls that were required. Westbrook worked closely with the project’s geotechnical engineer to design the site grading and retaining walls.

Further close coordination was also required during construction as the contractor constructing the onsite works differed from the contractor constructing the offsite works. 

Design of the project began in 2014 with the completion of the construction of Phase 1 in 2017. Phase 2 is currently ongoing.

Key Personnel: Jared Steingard; Wendy Renderos; John Stein; Ivana Kvartuc; Ivan Yevseyev; Joe Warne

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