4487 Wilkinson Road

District of Saanich

4487 Wilkinson Road is a seven unit townhouse project located in the District of Saanich. 

Westbrook Consulting provided topographic survey, preliminary design services, storm water management and detailed design services for the project.

Among the challenges were designing a storm water management system that met the District of Saanich requirements, while working near and within an environmentally sensitive vegetation area. Due to the sensitive vegetation, disturbance to the area had to be minimized, resulting in a design that had to ensure drainage, while making use of the shallow existing grades. A rain garden was selected to detain and treat the runoff while melding with the existing vegetation, as well as the proposed landscape plan.

Preliminary design work and rezoning was completed in 2008 before the project was placed on hold.  In 2017, the project was reactivated and proceeded to detailed design.  At the present time, construction is underway.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Ryan Deernsted; Phil Cerrer; Ivana Kvartuc

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