Town of View Royal

The Coho site in the Town of View Royal had long been considered for redevelopment.  Located approximately 25 m above the adjacent Colwood strip, the property was well known for its potential views of the Juan de Fuca Strait, but was constrained by a narrow, extremely steep driveway access.  The Coho is the realization of the development potential of the site, consisting of two multi-family buildings, with a total of 49 suites.

Westbrook Consulting’s involvement with the site started in the mid 2000’s as plans were formulated to reconstruct the access to the site in order to unlock the view potential. Westbrook then provided services through the development rezoning stages, where details of the access and storm water management measures were developed, followed by the detailed design of site servicing and lastly on to construction inspection services during the construction phase.

Among the challenges of the project were working to locate a safe driveway access along the significant rock face up to the site.  Rock cuts in the order of 12 m were required in places to locate the new access driveway. The location of services was also critical and at one location servicing cores up to 12 m deep were drilled through the rock to provide an efficient connection point for sewer, storm drain and water services from the upper site down to the driveway below.  Close coordination with the project’s geotechnical consultant was required to ensure that the design and the resulting rock cuts were achievable.

Another challenge was designing a storm water management system to limit post development flows to pre-development levels. The storm water management plan included the discharge of a portion of the site drainage back to an in-ground storm water infiltration system on the east side of the site.  The ground discharge provided much needed water for an adjacent natural forest area to be retained as part of the project. The remainder of the site drainage was piped to the municipal storm drain system on Wilfert Road.

The project was completed in the late summer of 2017.

Key Personnel: Mike Wignall; Kyle Stubbs; Tony McGee

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