The Strathmore

City of Langford

The Strathmore is a mixed-use building, located at 866 Goldstream Avenue in the City of Langford that contains 51 condominium units, 7 townhouse units and 4 commercial units, one of which is now home to Westbrook Consulting. The project saw the redevelopment of an older apartment building and single family house into a 4 storey building with underground parking.

Westbrook Consulting provided detailed design of site servicing, offsite roadworks and an internal below grade storm water disposal system.  Westbrook also inspected construction works.

Among the challenges of the project was designing a below grade storm water infiltration system within the building footprint, as well as working with the flat existing road grades to construct roadside parking and patios that fit both the building and the adjacent road.

Design work on the project commenced in the fall of 2006 and continued into the winter of 2007.  Construction ran from the spring of 2007 until the summer of 2008.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Kevin Hossack

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