2821 Jacklin Road

City of Langford

2821 Jacklin Road is an 11 unit townhouse project located at the intersection of Jacklin Road and Hockley Avenue in the City of Langford. The project saw the re-development of two older homes into a new townhouse project. The project featured one of the first uses of Langford’s newly required synthetic turf in the project landscaping, as well as brick paver sidewalks and patio areas.

Westbrook provided civil engineering services for the design, construction inspection and construction layout of both onsite civil works and offsite frontage works for the project.

As the project was constructed on a municipal development cost charge funded road, careful attention was paid to the project cost control so that the appropriate municipal credits could be obtained on behalf of the developer.

Design work commenced in the summer of 2015 and construction took place between the fall of 2016 and fall of 2017.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Nicole Fischer; Wendy Renderos; Joe Warne

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