Mt Douglas Manor

District of Saanich

In response to a need for affordable housing for the increasing senior citizen population, the Anglican diocese, in conjunction with the Mt Douglas Seniors Housing Society, designed and constructed an 84-unit residential building. The $10 million project shares a site with an existing building occupied by the Mt Douglas Court residence.

Westbrook Consulting was the civil engineering consultant, and provided conceptual design during the rezoning and schematic design phase, and also provided detailed design. Construction inspection services are also currently being provided by Westbrook. 

Throughout the project, Westbrook collaborated with the architect and landscape architect to create a linear rain garden along the north property line. The rain gardens provide a low impact development feature that will detain and treat rain water runoff to meet the District’s storm water management requirements.

Challenges of the project included minimizing the impact to the neighbouring residential neighbourhood, as well as designing around potential conflicts with the existing municipal infrastructure that occupies a portion of the property. The impact to the neighbourhood was dealt with by way of routing the construction traffic on the shortest length route to the arterial road; while conflicts to existing underground municipal infrastructure was dealt with through exploratory excavation to accurately determine their vertical and horizontal locations prior to design.

Construction is expected to be complete in the autumn of 2018.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Kevin Hossack; Iva Kvartic

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