Polo Village Residences

District of Central Saanich

The creation of the Polo Village development involved the consolidation of four large rural lots located at 8054, 8042, 8034 and 8026 East Saanich Road in the District of Central Saanich into one lot in order to create a 20 lot strata subdivision. Each lot was designed to contain a single family home and seven of the 20 lots were designed to also contain a detached carriage home. The project involved the design of an internal strata road, frontage improvements to East Saanich Road and Jeffree Road, site services and street lighting.

Westbrook Consulting provided the detailed design, construction layout, and inspections. During the initial design stages, Westbrook worked with the developer and the District of Central Saanich to refine the planning of the proposed land use and the required improvements to road frontages.

Interesting features of the project included the design and construction of a long linear storm water detention chamber which doubles as the drainage main.

An initial construction challenge included working around an existing municipal sanitary and storm main within the property, and beneath the proposed strata road. As construction began, the District requested the developer’s contractor to upgrade the existing sanitary main from asbestos cement to PVC. The storm main, was exposed early in the construction stages to ensure there were no conflicts.

The project was completed in 2018.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; John Stein

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