Stonewood Village

District of North Cowichan

Stonewood Village is a multi-phased, 89 lot strata subdivision located off Cassino Road in the District of North Cowichan. The single family homes range in size and are lifetime homes, designed to accommodate people through all stages of life. The development is located near the Trans Canada Trail and also features green space, walking paths, picnic areas and a storm water detention pond throughout the development to aid in maintaining a natural setting that is only a few minutes away from the City of Duncan.

Westbrook Consulting provided topographic survey, detailed design of roadways, site servicing, including water, sanitary sewer and storm water management, and site grading. Westbrook has also provided construction layout and inspection services for all phases of the development, including the upgrading of Cassino Road.

Sewer and drainage master plans were created initially so the project could be phased. The drain runs south while the sewer runs north. The multi-directional system created both a design and construction challenge. The sewer connection was very deep and was planned to allow the maximum number of gravity connections. A sewer lift station was designed to accommodate the remaining homes that could not flow by gravity. These factors became critical while developing a phasing plan. A portion of the sewer also had to be constructed below a hanging active water main, which required careful excavation and installation by the contractor. Overall, maintaining adequate separation between services proved to be a challenge as the road right of way was narrow and curved.

Other aspects of the project that required close coordination with governing authorities and the project team were the change from a single phased development to a multi-phased development midway through the approval process, as well as the change in Contractor between phases 1 & 2/3.

Design of the project began in 2011 and Phases 6 & 7 are currently under construction.

Key Personnel: Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack; Ian Anderson

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