Kettle Creek Station

City of Langford

Located in the City of Langford, Kettle Creek Station is a small lot, stick-built modular home development consisting of over 250 single lots as well as several multi-family buildings. Westbrook Consulting provided engineering services for the first six phases of the project, consisting of approximately 125 lots.  At the end of the first six phases, the project was put on hold due to restructuring of the development.

Westbrook Consulting provided preliminary design concepts, detailed design of the individual phases, construction inspection and layout and assisted the developer with various municipal approvals.

One challenge of the project was locating all of the required underground servicing within a narrow road allowance, while maintaining required adequate separation between services.

Westbrook also worked very closely with the project’s geotechnical consultant. The site was constructed over potentially compressible ground conditions, thus requiring special attention to proposed pipe grading in order to accommodate for minor settlements.

Design work for the first phase commenced in late 2006, and construction of the sixth phase was completed in May of 2013.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack

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