Burnside Gorge Community Centre

Constructed on a former brownfield site adjacent to Cecelia Creek Park, the Burnside Gorge Community Centre incorporated innovative and sustainable features to make it eligible to achieve LEED silver accreditation.  The 1400 square meter community centre was commissioned by the City of Victoria to be designed to integrate the building and site into the adjacent riparian, aquatic, and parkland spaces.

The building’s green roof includes plants of a Garry Oak ecosystem and includes various wildflowers and grasses.

Challenges on the project included dealing with storm water runoff using Best Management Practices while being sensitive to the adjacent to Cecelia Creek water course. To deal with these challenges, Westbrook Consulting provided innovative storm water design using a combination of permeable pavers, infiltrating bio swales, and storm water detention and infiltration galleries to treat and detain runoff from the site prior to its entry to Cecelia Creek.

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