Belmont Place Apartments

City of Langford

Located at 3130 Jacklin Road in the City of Langford, near the City of Colwood and Galloping Goose Trail, Westbrook Consulting provided civil engineering design and construction services for the construction of a new three building, 230 unit rental apartment development. 

Westbrook provided preliminary design concepts, detailed design of the development, construction inspections services, construction survey layout, and assisted the developer with various municipal approvals.

A challenge of this development was that the site was partially located within a localized low point within the City, near Glen Lake.  The proximity of the site to the lake required a closer look into the stormwater management system and flow path, with respect to the high water mark.  It was ensured that the existing flow path was not disrupted, allowing for overflow situations to occur without impacting the development.  The site’s low point drained into the nearby Colwood Creek and Glen Lake Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area.  Storm water treatment precautions such as the incorporation of oil interceptors, bio swales and infiltration chambers were taken to improve the quality of the water reintroduced into the natural systems and to ensure sediment was not discharged to the creek. 

Coordination with multiple consultants, contractors, organizations, and municipalities was key to the project success.  At the time of design and construction, several different projects were taking place or were in line to take place within a one block radius, one being as close as across the street. The design had to be aligned with those of the adjacent projects and construction activities had to be scheduled in conjunction with nearby work.

Detailed design of the project was completed in early 2018 and construction is currently underway.

Key Personnel: Kyle Stubbs; Ben Badke; Tracey Klatt; Joe Warne

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