Painter Road

City of Colwood

The former Pilgrim United Church, located at 3328 and 3320 Metchosin Road was redeveloped into nine-single family homes and two-apartment buildings. The parent property fronted Painter Road and Metchosin Road and, as such, frontage improvements were required to be constructed on both roads. Intensive coordination with the City of Colwood was required to develop a new road standard for both Painter Road and Metchosin Road that added separated bike lanes and wider sidewalks.

Westbrook Consulting prepared the detailed design, as well as conducted construction layout and inspections.

Included in the design was a storm drainage system that fully infiltrated the runoff produced by the apartment buildings’ parking area and roofs into the ground.

A design challenge of the project arose due to the requirement to minimizing the impact of construction on the existing trees and utility poles by meandering the sidewalk. The meandering sidewalk resulted in the creation of additional boulevard areas that created a sense of separation of the pedestrians from the adjacent roadway.

The project was completed in 2018.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Phil Cerrer; Kevin Hossack

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