3385 Happy Valley

City of Langford

3385 Happy Valley Road is a two phase, mixed density residential project located in the Happy Valley area of the City of Langford. 17 single family homes, 1 duplex and 1 triplex are proposed for the first phase and an additional 20 townhouse units are proposed for the second phase.

Westbrook Consulting is currently in the process of finalizing the detailed design of Phase 1.  Included in Phase 1 is the extension of Vision Way and improvements to the frontage along Happy Valley Road. Westbrook is also ensuring that servicing and access requirements from Phase 2, which is located between Vision Way and Happy Valley Road are accounted for.

Due to the high density of this development, project challenges have risen, including providing servicing and visitor parking, as well as providing site grading in such a way that cuts and fills are minimized, while access is maintained, all within largely limited space.

Site servicing was achieved through careful coordination with electrical and gas services, as well as with governing authorities. Visitor parking has been accommodated within two parking lot areas. Site grading was achieved through close coordination with the house designer to utilize the building foundations as retaining walls and to place garages at offset elevations from the living space within the home to minimize cuts and fills required, while maintaining accessibility.

Detailed design of Phase 1 is in the final stages and site preparation activities have commenced.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Tracey Klatt; Ivan Yevseyev

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