District of Saanich

The Heatherdale Development is a mixed density, multi-family, 46 unit townhome and two condominium building project that was constructed on the site of the Heatherdale Dog Kennels in the District of Saanich.

Westbrook Consulting provided detailed civil engineering design, servicing coordination with utilities, tendering and contract administration, and construction layout and inspection services.

Among the challenges of the engineering design was the requirement to prepare a storm water management system that was consistent with the District of Saanich regulations for the sensitive Colquitz watershed.

The resulting storm water management design consisted of a series of storm water exfiltration chambers that collected storm water from the building areas. The storm water was then released at a controlled rate into the municipal storm sewer with the use of outlet flow control devices.

Storm water runoff produced by the road was directed into rain gardens. The rain gardens control the flow into the municipal storm drain, enhance water quality and provide an aesthetically pleasing storm water management / landscape feature.

The project was completed in July of 2009.

Key Personnel Mike Wignall; Kevin Hossack

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