Thetis Lakeside

Town of View Royal

Thetis Lakeside is a multi-family residential development near Thetis Lake, which is accessed from Presley Place in the Town of View Road. The two-building development has an underground parking lot and a common outdoor space.

Westbrook was engaged to prepare a storm water management plan and site servicing design for the proposed development. The storm water management system includes a rain garden and an underground detention chamber. Westbrook coordinated with the design team to ensure that the proposed servicing would fit with the mechanical, landscape, electrical and architectural designs.

A Capital Regional District Transmission Main, which services Greater Victoria, passes through the site. The location of the transmission main within the site resulted in design complexities as services had to be designed in such a manner that they avoid crossing through the CRD Statutory Right of Way, containing the transmission main. The main was also considered in determining the site layout. The Right of Way location was utilized as a driveway, with the buildings placed on either side. Due to limitations in maximum traffic loading on the main, a standard asphalt driveway was not structurally sufficient. Westbrook coordinated with the structural engineer to prepare a concrete bridge design for the driveway crossing over the transmission main.

The site servicing works were coordinated with the storm water management components to allow for the system to fit within the landscape and parking area, while still draining by gravity to the existing storm drain main on Presley Place. Coordination with the architect and landscape architect was required to ensure all of the servicing would fit within the limited space.

The project is currently under construction.

Key Personnel: Ivan Yevseyev

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