Pacific Lakeside

Town of View Royal

Westbrook was engaged to prepare a storm water management plan and site servicing design for the proposed development. The storm water management system includes an underground detention chamber and a rain garden. Westbrook coordinated with the design team to ensure that the proposed servicing would fit with the mechanical, landscape, electrical and architectural designs.

 A challenge of the project was the requirement that the servicing for the proposed development had to be designed in such a manner that it avoided crossing through a CRD Statutory Right of Way, which contains a Capital Regional District Transmission Main. The site servicing works was coordinated with the storm water management components to allow for the system to fit within the landscape and parking area, while still draining by gravity to the existing storm drain main on Presley Place. Coordination with the architect and landscape architect was required to ensure all of the servicing would fit within the limited space.

The project is currently under construction.

Key Personnel: Jared Steingard; Nicole Fischer; Ivan Yevseyev

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