Englewood and Luxton Subdivision

City of Langford

The properties at 1021 and 1053 Englewood Avenue, in the Happy Valley area of the City of Langford, were subdivided to create 30 lots and extend Sandalwood Court through to Luxton Road.

Westbrook Consulting provided topographic survey, detailed design, construction layout, and inspection services for the project. Westbrook blended our original design of Sandalwood Court with the extension to ensure the existing development transitioned smoothly into the new development.

A complexity of the project included the site being located within a defined floodplain, and had been identified by the City of Langford as a site that would require a detention pond or alternate method of flood storage, should it be developed.

In order to realize the development potential of the site, while respecting existing flood plain issues, a large volume of clear rock was placed below the flood plain elevation to act as a large detention system.  A 600 mm diameter storm drain main was also installed through the site to act as an additional storm water detention area. Through the replacement of fine soils with clear rock, the site’s flood storage volume was increased and a direct outlet to Firehall Creek was provided. Coordination with the house designer was also necessary to ensure the main floor elevations were placed above the flood plain elevation to eliminate flooding risk. The homes were also constructed in such a manner that they are situated above the road, allowing the road to act as an overland flood route during extreme events. Due to the creation of an outlet to Firehall Creek, coordination with a biologist was necessary to ensure there would be not negative effects to the downstream environment.

Construction of the civil works were completed in April, 2018.

Key Personnel:  Jared Steingard; Nicole Fischer; Ivan Yevseyev; Joe Warne

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