Southpoint Ridge

City of Langford

Southpoint Ridge is a 68-unit townhouse development located at 2350 Bear Mountain Parkway, on the south side of Skirt Mountain in Langford, BC.

Westbrook Consulting provided detailed design of site servicing, storm water management, site access, coordination during the design and construction phases, and construction layout survey and inspection services

The bowl shaped terrain within the development and surrounding area resulted in a unique site entrance feature. Storm water runoff flows to the southwest corner of the site, where it then flows over a rock face near the site entrance, creating a waterfall effect.  The waterfall effect was maintained post-development by allowing the pre-development flows to continue to flow over the rock face, while directing all additional flow created by the development to the existing storm drain main on Bear Mountain Parkway.

The topography of the site also added complexities to the servicing of the site.  The existing connections for the sanitary and storm sewer on Bear Mountain Parkway, are 13 metres below the south side of the site.  In order to connect to the existing systems, Western Grater Contracting Ltd., a drilling and blasting contractor, cored holes from the site, through the rock, to Bear Mountain Parkway.  HDPE pipe was installed within the cores and the area between the pipe and wall was filled with grout.  Concrete encased pipe flanges were installed at the top and bottom to prevent pipe creep. 

The steep drain pipe resulted in a high velocity of the of the storm water at the discharge location on Bear Mountain Parkway. In order to prevent accelerated wear on existing infrastructure, an energy dissipation manhole was used at the bottom of the rock face.  The PreserverTM energy dissipater was installed, which features a stainless steel energy dissipation grate and a lowered inlet, to allow water to slow prior to discharge.  The combination of these two items reduced the velocity enough to ensure no damage would be done to the downstream municipal infrastructure.

The project is currently in the construction phase.

Key Personnel: Ryan Deernsted; John Stein; Joe Warne

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