School District 62 Transporation Building

City of Langford

In 2016 the School District’s Facilities and Transportation building was sold as part of the sale of the Belmont School land, at the corner of Jacklin Road and Kelly Road. As a result, the District constructed a new Transportation Building and yard on Amy Road and a new Facilities Building on Spencer Road, in the City of Langford.

The Transportation building serves as the headquarters for the District’s school bus fleet and associated staff. The yard contains room for 34 school buses and 27 staff and visitor vehicles. The building contains offices, a first aid facility, and a large maintenance shop and garage bay.

Westbrook Consulting was engaged to provide the detailed design of the site servicing, site grading and storm water management. Westbrook also provided construction inspection services during the construction phase of the project.

Rainwater runoff produced by the development is detained onsite within a large underground detention gallery. The collected rainwater runoff is then treated for suspended solids and hydrocarbons via a mechanical treatment system prior to discharge to the municipal system.

The topography of the site resulted in site grading complexities. The site sloped steeply down to the north and up to a rocky knoll to the east. A retaining wall was constructed on the north property line, and shear blasting was employed on the east to minimize the disruption to the neighbouring lots.

The project was completed in 2016.

Key personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Kevin Hossack

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