Pacific Football Club Island Training Center

City of Langford

The Pacific Football Club (Pacific FC) is a Canadian Premier League franchise, that constructed a training and practice facility in the City of Langford. The team is newly formed, and their inaugural season was the 2019 season. 

The Island Training Center features three artificial turf fields and a hard surface area for a variety of sport uses. The Island Training Center also features a TOCA field for enhanced training opportunities.

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. provided Civil Engineering design for the grading and site services to the training center. 

Value Engineering played an important role in the project. Westbrook Consulting worked closely with the large team of owners, designers, architects and contractors to ensure the needs of the club were met, while seeking cost effective measures where possible.

Complexities of the project arose due to the suboptimal soil conditions present on the site. Careful attention to grading was required, along with coordination with the geotechnical engineer to ensure that the site subsurface would support any additional fills. In order to reduce fill loads and quantities, the site access route was relocated to follow an existing construction road created during the construction of the adjacent development. Site services were also designed to allow for some small amounts of settlement due to the soil conditions. 

The facility opened in December of 2019.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Tracey Klatt; John Stein; Kevin Hossack

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