BC Ambulance

City of Langford

Westbrook Consulting provided Civil Engineering Services for the design and construction of a regional BC Ambulance facility and dispatch center located on Leigh Road in the City of Langford.  The center was designed as a post-disaster building and is intended to remain operational in the event of a major incident. 

The project was designed and constructed using a design build process to optimize project timing and efficiency.

Westbrook worked in conjunction with the project architect, builder, mechanical engineers and other emergency and municipal agencies to design the sewer, water and drainage services for the project. In addition, Westbrook assisted with coordinating cable, telephone and hydro utilities.

The Leigh Road overpass and extension project was in the final stages at the time of the design of the ambulance facility. Challenges arose regarding adequate room for ambulance operations, as well as safe access and egress for the site. The design challenges were resolved through careful coordination with the City of Langford to ensure the project would function successfully once constructed.

The project design work began in early 2012 and construction was completed in early 2013.

Key Personnel: Tony McGee

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