Casa Bella

City of Langford

Casa Bella is a mixed density development located at the intersection of Brock Avenue and Deville Road in the City of Langford. The development consists of 12 townhouse units along Brock Avenue, 18 walk-up units along Deville Road, and a four storey, 68 unit apartment building. Azalea Lane was also created as part of this development.

Starting in the summer of 2006, the Casa Bella project was Westbrook’s first project with Parsi Developments Ltd.  Initially, the project consisted of re-aligning, enclosing and enhancing sections of Bellhouse Creek around the perimeter of the project in consultation with the developer and the landscape architect. 

Detailed site servicing design followed the Bellhouse Creek works in 2006 and 2007.  Servicing works included typical multi-family sewer, drain and water services, as well as the internal road design which is now Azalea Road, grading, offsite frontage works and road re-construction along Brock Avenue from the site to the west of Peatt Road.

A particularly notable challenge of the Casa Bella project was the very large amount of rock blasting that was required.  While not apparent in the finished project, over 10,000 m3 of rock had to be blasted from the relatively compact site to facilitate the development and its underground parkade.

Construction commenced in the spring of 2007 and was completed in the fall of 2008. 

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Kevin Hossack; John Stein

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