The Granderson

City of Langford

The Granderson is a multifamily / commercial building located at the intersection of Goldstream Avenue and Granderson Road in the City of Langford.

Westbrook Consulting was responsible for the redesign of Granderson Road and the new McMurdo Terrace, as well as upgrades to the Goldstream frontage, and site servicing to the new building. Westbrook also performed a topographic survey of the site for the purposes of preparing the design drawings and inspected the installation of the civil works throughout construction.

The Granderson project was a unique project for Westbrook Consulting. The developer was committed to not only construct a multifamily / commercial building, but also to set the tone for future development by reconstructing Granderson Road into a “Woonerf” style road. A Woonerf is a Dutch concept where pedestrians and cyclists have priority over motorists. Working with Wensley Architecture, Westbrook designed a road that is inviting to pedestrians and cyclists as well as being permeable, permitting the more frequent rainfall events to percolate through the unit paver surface and into the gravels below.

Another interesting and challenging aspect of this project was the need to “hot-tap” into the large CRD water transmission main to provide adequate fire protection for the building. The 1220 mm diameter water transmission main supplies water for an extensive demand area, thus the connection was required to be made without turning the water off, as to not disrupt service.

Westbrook also provided the design and construction engineering services to infiltrate 100% of the roof runoff to the ground, reducing this development’s environmental footprint.

Design of the project began in 2010, and construction was completed in 2012.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Kyle Stubbs; Kevin Hossack

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