Rezoning Services

Westbrook Consulting is able to provide rezoning services for a variety of land development projects throughout the south island. Westbrook is able to either assist the client with the rezoning application or complete the application on the client's behalf, including completing the following:

  • Performing a review of the site in the context of the surrounding neighbourhood and Official Community Plan, as well as other governing regulations.
  • Identification of a proposed zone or preparation of a comprehensive development zoning plan.
  • Submission of a rezoning application to the municipality.
  • Acting as a point of contact with the nearby and neighbouring land owners.
  • Presenting the proposed development to municipal council, council appointed committees and neighbourhood groups.

Once the rezoning phase is complete, Westbrook Consulting is able to provide full detailed design services. For more information on detailed design please see our Civil Engineering page.

Westbrook is also able to assist with preparing the follow applications:

  • Demolition Permit
  • Development Permit
  • Development Variance Permit
  • Environmental Development Permit
  • Foundation Permit
  • Soil Permit
  • Statement of Conditions Request

Assistance with the above applications is available upon request. All fees associated with municipal applications shall be the responsibility of the Client.

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