Feasibility Studies

Prior to the start of a project, Westbrook Consulting Ltd can provide project feasibility studies for the civil engineering aspects related to the development. Feasibility studies will identify various development options and their associated costs in order to assist our clients in determining the most appropriate use for the site in terms of financial viability, marketability and sustainability.

Feasibility studies typically consist of an assessment of the following:

  • Zoning & available site density.
  • Proposed site zoning & density.
  • Capacity of existing storm, sanitary, water, and hydro infrastructure.
  • Required servicing upgrades.
  • Required site grading.
  • Anticipated frontage improvements.
  • Construction costing.

Westbrook will liaise with the local municipality and utilities to obtain record information regarding existing infrastructure and to confirm existing capacities. If the existing capacity is determined to be insufficient for the proposed development; Westbrook will determine the extent of upgrades that would be required or look at alternative development options that are compatible with the existing infrastructure.

Westbrook is able to provide construction cost estimates of the various design options identified and highlight any key factors affecting costs from a civil works perspective to allow for the client to make educated development decisions.

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