Construction Layout Survey

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. is able to assist contractors during the construction phase of a variety of projects throughout Lower Vancouver Island by providing survey layout of the civil works to be installed.

The works that can be layed out may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Storm drainage infrastructure
  • Sanitary sewer infrastructure
  • Water works
  • Sidewalks & curbs
  • Lot grading
  • Blasting layout
  • Final elevations

Our survey crews will come to the prepared site and use survey instruments to mark out the works for the contractor to install. Once the works have been installed, Westbrook is also able to provide as-constructed survey for the purpose of preparing record drawings.

Westbrook Consulting is also provide preliminary topographic survey services. More information can be found on our Topographic Survey page.

Please note Westbrook does not provide BC Land Survey services.

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