Project Management

Westbrook Consulting Ltd. routinely acts as the prime consultant and project manager for various land development and municipal infrastructure projects.

Our project management scope involves:

  • Liaising with clients, sub-consultants, utilities, contractors, municipal staff, and other approval authorities.
  • Identifying and assigning the appropriate resources to the corresponding portions of the project.
  • Scheduling meetings, survey, design work and site inspections.  
  • Budget control.

Strong project management is key to the success of any project. Westbrook Consulting has six project managers that are able to take care of all your civil works project management needs.

Westbrook also ensures all project management activities that are enacted externally are also followed internally to allow each project to be given the proper attention necessary. Westbrook’s team members are highly flexible and work is able to be distributed in house as necessary to ensure budgets and schedules for all sizes of projects are met.

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