Joe Warne

Field Reviewer

Joe Warne is one of Westbrook Consulting Ltd.’s Inspectors and surveyors.

Joe has over 20 years of experience working in the local land development industry, three of which he has spent with Westbrook Consulting.

Joe’s main role at Westbrook is as a surveyor. Joe performs both “pick-up” and “as-constructed” topographic surveys and also provides survey layout of civil works during construction. Additionally, Joe often acts as a field inspector and inspects the construction of civil works throughout the course of a project.

In his spare time Joe enjoys going for hikes with his family and spending time on the water. Joe was also part of the local marine search and rescue team for over 10 years.

Joe’s feature projects include the following:

  • Viewpointe Estates, District of Sooke – Survey & inspection services for a multi-phase 50 acre development site that is currently under construction and is capable of supporting approximately 300 units of varying densities.

  • Pacific Landing, City of Colwood – Survey & inspection services for the construction of a mixed-use, residential and commercial village on Esquimalt Lagoon.

  • The Piano, City of Langford – Survey & inspection for Phase 2 of mixed density development containing 10 single family lots and 26 tri-plex buildings. 

  • Southpoint Ridge, City of Langford – Survey & inspection for the construction of 68 townhouse units along Bear Mountain Parkway.

  • Seafield Road, City of Colwood – Survey & inspection for the construction of a 35 lot subdivision near Esquimalt Lagoon. 

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