Burnside Road Upgrade

District of Saanich

The District of Saanich upgraded 400 m of Burnside Road between Grange Road and McKenzie Avenue, and Marigold Road from Burnside Road to Lavender Avenue.

Road works included widening to install concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, and a dedicated bike lane. Retaining walls and driveway reconstruction to suit existing residences were also required due to the widening. In addition to the roadworks, approximately 200 m of water main between Grange Road and Marigold Avenue and 200 m of storm sewer between Marigold Avenue and McKenzie Avenue were installed.

Westbrook Consulting, through the District of Saanich Rotational Consultants Program, was responsible for the contract administration and construction inspection services for the Burnside Road upgrade.

The project entailed daily site inspections, quality control inspections for grades, documentation of quantities as required, preparation of site instructions and change orders, review of monthly progress claims and as constructed survey, as required. Calculations were also performed to verify some of the imported gravel quantities.

The project involved close contact with the local residents and businesses for coordination of construction and reinstatement works, particularly with respect to some of the grading issues faced by residents and access issues to local businesses.

The project commenced in September 2011 and was substantially completed by May 2012.

Key Personnel: Mike Wignall

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