Porsche Center Victoria

District of Saanich

Porsche constructed a new dealership on an unused portion of the existing Speedway Motors Site on Audley Street in the District of Saanich.

The new Porsche dealership was designed to LEED Silver Standards and the existing Volkswagen building was also renovated as part of the project.

Westbrook Consulting provided detailed design of site servicing, storm water management and site grading for the new building, as well as construction layout and inspection services.

As part of the LEED requirements, Westbrook Consulting prepared an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan to be implemented during construction activities. The Erosion and Sediment Control Plan utilized road siltation control, silt fencing, a sedimentation basin, dust control, and environmental monitoring to ensure that sediments remain onsite during construction activities and do not impact adjacent properties or downstream storm water systems.

Westbrook designed a storm water management system consisting of a combination of a rain garden and an underground detention system composed of StormTech SC-310 chambers to manage the post-development storm water flows. Permeable pavers were also incorporated into the parking area behind the existing Volkswagen Dealership to reduce the storm water runoff from the site. In addition to controlling the storm water flow rates from the site, the storm water management system also provides treatment of hydrocarbons and sediments collected in the runoff from the roof and parking areas and was designed to LEED standards.

One of the challenging aspects of the project was to grade the site to allow for access from both the existing Volkswagen Dealership and Audley Street. The Volkswagen Dealership is approximately 4 m higher than Audley Street, thus careful attention to grading was required to ensure the site was accessible from both sides. The architect was also located in Ontario, adding complication to the coordination of building elevations and site grading. The final design resulted in the construction of a concrete ramp adjacent to the new Porsche Dealership to complete the access.

The project was completed in the summer of 2014.

Key Personnel: Ian Anderson

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