McKenzie Avenue Reconfiguration

District of Saanich

The District of Saanich reconfigured a portion of McKenzie Avenue between McGill Road and Finnerty Road. The changes that were made included the relocation of the westbound lane to the north to allow for the installation of center islands, widening of the eastbound lane to accommodate a bike lane and buffer strip, the addition of an intersection to allow for the creation of Vikes Way, the addition of a roundabout at Finnerty Road and McKenzie Avenue, the addition of a sidewalk between McGill Road and Vikes Way, and new landscaping and trees throughout the boulevard and center islands.

Westbrook Consulting provided contract administration and construction management for the changes to McKenzie Avenue listed above.

The project required close consultation with the District of Saanich, the University of Victoria, the general contractor and the landscape architect to ensure the plans provided by the design firms met all design requirements in an easily constructible way in order to minimize disturbances and hazards to the University of Victoria.

As the Contract Administrator, Westbrook succeeded in dealing with the challenges of maintaining the flow of traffic, public transportation services and pedestrian safety at a major university during the school year by liaising with the designers, the District of Saanich, the University of Victoria and other services. 

The work commenced in June 2013 and was completed in May 2014.

Key Personnel: Mike Wignall

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