Parker Johnston Warehouse Facility

District of Central Saanich

Westbrook Consulting provided Civil Engineering services for the construction of a new warehouse and office facility for Parker Johnston Industries Ltd at 6791 Oldfield Road in the District of Central Saanich.

 The project involved the construction of a new warehouse and renovation of an existing office building to house the Victoria branch of the company.  

Westbrook’s involvement in the project included identifying existing municipal servicing available and potential servicing tie in points to the development.  Westbrook was also responsible for the design of a storm water management system according to the District’s Storm Water Bylaw, which had been recently implemented at the time of the project. Due to the large amount of impervious area proposed for the site, multiple storm water management practices were used.  The best storm water management practices used included rooftop rainwater storage, underground detention within a crate system, and a rain garden at the front of the site.  All of the systems were designed to reduce the runoff from the site and maintain a flow similar to that of the pre-development conditions.  

The site was previously used as an auto wreaking facility and is divided by a CRD right of way containing a high pressure supply main.  The CRD required a higher strength of service pipe when crossing through the right of way due to the presence of the supply main.  

Westbrook also designed the detailed site grading and reconstruction of Cunnane’s Lane. The site had been deemed contaminated due to the previous use, therefore cuts and fills onsite had to be balanced so that no material left the site.  

The project was completed in December of 2013.

Key Personnel: Kyle Stubbs; Kevin Hossack

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