Crystalview Drive Sidewalk

City of Langford

Completed in the fall of 2016, the Crystalview Drive Sidewalk project involved the accelerated design and construction of approximately 550 m of municipal sidewalk within the Crystalview Drive subdivision in the City of Langford.

The project was subject to a very compressed time frame as funding was only available until year end. 

Westbrook prepared detailed design drawings overlain on a combination of an aerial image of the project area and a legal base map. The project was tendered as a Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCD) Unit Price Contract.

The project was tendered and the successful contractor was able to complete the work in the time allotted.

The overall time frame from start of detailed design until completion was 61 days.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Ryan Deernsted; Kevin Hossack

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