Eagle Creek Village

Town of View Royal

Westbrook Consulting has been providing Civil Engineering Services on the Eagle Creek Village commercial and residential development, located at the intersection of Watkiss Way and Helmcken Road in the Town of View Royal, since the spring of 2012. Phase 1 of Eagle Creek Village consists of 100,000 square feet of retail space, 76,000 square feet of office space and 60 residential units spread amongst eight buildings. Phase 2 of Eagle Creek Village included an additional two buildings containing 114 residential units, as well as a trail.

Initially, Westbrook provided civil engineering support services for the rezoning of the site and the development permit for Phase 1 of the project. Westbrook also reviewed the servicing requirements for the project including preliminary water supply servicing reviews and storm water management plans.

Phase 1 of the project required the design of a sanitary sewer extension through a heavily congested intersection at Helmcken Road and Watkiss Way. Two large diameter water supply mains, communications conduits, gas lines and storm sewer lines all had to be avoided throughout the extension.

The design of a water supply large enough to provide the fire flows required for a development of this size was also required for Phase 1 of the project.  The water supply was provided from new connections to the existing supply mains and was then tied back into the pre-existing smaller diameter network to improve the water supply for the local neighbourhood.

Additional design aspects of Phase 1 included the design of a multi-lane roundabout at the main site entrance on Watkiss Way, which also acts as the entrance to the Victoria General Hospital Emergency area, as well as road widening along both the Helmcken Road and Watkiss Way frontages.

Design of onsite storm water detention cells and offsite rain gardens was also necessary in order to maintain the pre-construction storm water flow levels post-construction.

Detailed design of Phase 1 commenced in early 2013 and continued on into late 2014. Construction of onsite services commenced in mid-2014 and offsite construction soon followed in late 2015 and continued in to 2016.

A key component of the Phase 1 construction was close coordination between the Ownership group, the consultant and architectural team, the Civil Contractor and the Town of View Royal Engineering representatives

Phase 2 of the project has included the design and construction of a creekside trail through parkland that was dedicated as part of the project as well as design and construction of servicing for the two additional residential buildings.  At the present time, construction of the trail is complete and construction of the remainder of Phase 2 servicing is expected to be completed later in 2018.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Kyle Stubbs; Ryan Deernsted; Phil Cerrer

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