University of Victoria CARSA Building

District of Saanich

As part of the works for the proposed Center for Athletics, Recreation and Special Abilities (CARSA) building at the University of Victoria, several existing services needed to be rerouted that fell within the proposed building’s footprint. 

Five hundred meters of municipal watermain was relocated from the University’s property to the McKenzie Road right of way as part of the project, along with power and communications systems.

Westbrook Consulting was the coordinating professional responsible for design, inspection, and contract administration for the project. Included was the design and construction of the rerouted water main, as well as rerouted, and upgraded, power and communications ducting for the proposed building, and UVic’s Centennial Stadium. 

Due to the District of Saanich’s plans to upgrade the McKenzie Avenue corridor, by creating a divided arterial road, Westbrook needed to incorporate the municipality’s conceptual designs, adapt them to a more detailed design, and route the proposed watermain and power / communication ducting accordingly. 

One challenge of the project was that the site was once the former Gordon Head Barracks during WWII, which was used for training, military housing, and as a signals station, as such, existing infrastructure was encountered that was not recorded. Field adjustments to the proposed watermain and ducting alignments were made to minimize disruption to the encountered infrastructure.

The project was completed in 2012.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Phil Cerrer;

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