Muir Creek

Otter Point Land District

Muir Creek is a large site extending over four sections of land in the Otter Point Land District, west of Sooke.  The total area of the four sections is approximately 232 hectares.  The first phase, recently completed, saw the development of approximately 62 hectares of land subdivided into 12 - 4.0 hectare lots.

Westbrook Consulting provided detailed lot layouts for the overall development, as well as the first phase.  During detailed design, Westbrook designed all the roadworks to meet Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure standards, as well as ensuring existing drainage paths and watercourses were incorporated into the design.  Westbrook also provided construction inspection services during the construction phase.

Among the challenges of the project were obtaining the necessary approvals from the Ministry of Transportation and Highways, the Capital Regional District and the Agricultural Land Commission.  Westbrook worked closely with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways to ensure all roads were accepted as constructed.

Another challenge was proving a municipal road standard alignment through the rugged terrain to access higher areas of the site. In order to reach the higher elevations, the new roadway was located on a different alignment than the original logging road access and through localized filling and back to back horizontal curves, the higher ground was safely accessed.

Design work began with initial lot layouts and development approvals in mid-2012, followed by detailed design in early 2014, with construction commencing in the fall of 2014 and continuing through 2015 and 2016.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Phil Cerrer; Ian Anderson

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