Campus Nissan

District of Saanich

The development of the current Campus Nissan involved the rebranding of the previous Victoria Nissan automobile dealership located on Oak Street in the District of Saanich.  The sales building was renovated and the parking lot was re-configured and regraded.  Additionally, the existing storm drain system was also remediated to add oil grit separators in order to prevent contaminated runoff from the site from entering the municipal drainage system.

Westbrook Consulting provided detailed design services for the reconfiguration of the parking lot. The design included the relocation of existing small waterlines and catch basins to better suit the new site layout.  Westbrook also designed the upgrades for the storm water system, as well as a new sidewalk fronting the site. A section of the sidewalk had to be designed to accommodate a large diameter sewer trunk line with minimal cover. The thickness of the sidewalk over the trunk sewer was increased and a protective layer of foam was installed between the pipe and sidewalk.

Detailed design work was completed during late 2007 and early 2008 and construction followed, with completion in mid-2009.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Kevin Hossack 

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