Knox Vision Society

District of Sooke

Located at the corner of Church Road and Wadams Way in the District of Sooke, Westbrook Consulting provided civil engineering design and construction services for the construction of a new affordable living apartment facility by the Knox Vision Society.   

Westbrook provided preliminary design concepts, detailed design of the development, construction inspection services, construction survey layout, and assisted the developer and architect with various municipal approvals and contract management.

A challenge of the project was the initial uncertainty of the capacity of the existing storm drain system. Onsite detention was utilized to in order to limit the runoff from the site to that of pre-development conditions, thus eliminating the need for upgrades to the downstream system.

Another project challenge was the desire for the existing Knox Church to remain on the site. New water works and BC Hydro infrastructure had to be designed in such a manner that they could be constructed in close proximity to the existing building.  

Detailed design was completed in late 2017 and the project is currently under construction.

Key Personnel: Kyle Stubbs; Joe Warne

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