Sysco Foods

City of Langford

In 2010 Sysco Foods, Vancouver Island’s largest food wholesaler, relocated their main distribution centre from the District of Saanich to the City of Langford. In the process, Sysco constructed a 20,000 square meter warehouse within Langford’s Goldstream Meadows industrial park. The building includes a food storage warehouse, demonstration kitchens, and office space.

Westbrook Consulting was the civil engineer of record, working with general contractor, Wales McLelland, for this design build project. Westbrook’s scope of work included erosion and sediment control design and monitoring, as well as design and construction inspections for the storm water management system, site servicing and site grading.

The drainage system was designed to fully infiltrate the project’s 50,000 square meter impervious surface area into the ground by way of a series of drainage laterals beneath the parking structure. The infiltration system recharges the ground water table, mimicking the pre-development condition.

A challenge of the project involved the close proximity of the site to Amy Pond and Turner Bog. A strict erosion and sediment monitoring regime was created and put in place to ensure silt did not leave the site and enter the natural environment. The construction of the infiltrative storm water system helped to maintain the inflow of groundwater to the pond and bog to minimize the disturbance to the existing ecosystem.

The project was completed in 2009

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Phil Cerrer

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