Sooke Town Center

District of Sooke

The ownership group of the Sooke Town Centre and the surrounding properties investigated the potential for subdividing and developing their lands in accordance with the District of Sooke’s Official Community Plan. The relatively undeveloped properties are located within the Town Centre neighbourhood, which proposes the densification of the Town Centre properties with increased residential units and light commercial development.

Westbrook Consulting conducted a drainage study to determine the routing, size and configuration of the drainage system from the Sooke Town Centre to the Sooke Basin. The study included the analysis of the existing system under the current conditions, as well as an analysis of the developed state of the properties to determine what improvements would be required due to the development.

Immediately following the drainage study, the Town Centre subdivided one of its properties and developed it into a light commercial lot consisting of a car wash and laundromat.

Westbrook provided detailed design, construction layout, and inspections for the commercial lot.

Complexities of the project included incorporating the municipality’s vision for the neighbourhood into the drainage concept, which at the time, was shifting from increased residential to dense commercial use.

The project was completed in 2013.

Key Personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Kevin Hossack

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