Crystalview Elementary Addition

City of Langford

School District 62 extended kindergarten class days from half days to full days in 2011. The extension of class times resulted in the need to create additional classrooms at Crystalview Elementary to double the kindergarten class capacity. School District 62 constructed new classroom space in areas formerly occupied by a playground and sports field. In order to maintain an outdoor play area, the playground was relocated, and the sports field was reconfigured.

Westbrook Consulting was engaged to provide the detailed design of the reconfigured sports field, playground relocation, site grading, and drainage design.

The sports field was originally constructed overtop of an undulating rocky area, which, at the time of construction required blasting and filling to create a level field. As result of the blasting, a rock pit was created underneath the field. The rock pit provided a storage area for storm water to be detained and slowly released to the existing natural cannel to the southwest of the site. The existing storm water detention area was utilized in the overall drainage design.

The timing of the project resulted in construction of the expansion during the school year. This resulted in complex scheduling of construction activates, requiring close communication with the school principal and staff to adjust the construction schedule to meet the demands of the active school.

The expansion was completed in 2011.

Key personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Ben Badke

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