Village Close

Town of Sidney

Village Close is a six-unit townhouse project constructed by Cube Project Management at 2340 Oakville Avenue, in the Town of Sidney. The project involved densifying an existing single-family area, as to coincide with the Town’s Official Community Plan.

Westbrook Consulting was responsible for the design of the project’s frontage, site servicing, and strata road. Westbrook worked closely with the Town to coordinate the road design to ensure it aligned with the neighbouring developments.

A complexity of the project arose when it came to locating and servicing the development with individual water services for each townhouse unit. The Town has a requirement that is unique in the Greater Victoria area.  Each unit, regardless of whether it is a strata or fee simple property, is to have its water individually metered, thus requiring the placement of six water meters within the project’s boulevard, and the extension of six water services up the strata road. Through careful design and coordination, boulevard trees and landscaped areas were adjusted to accommodate the meters while maintaining the aesthetics of the site.

Construction commenced in the spring of 2015 and was completed in the fall of 2016. 

Key personnel: Bruce Crawshaw; Kevin Hossack

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