Parkdale Creek

City of Langford

Parkdale Creek is an 84 unit, small lot residential subdivision that was constructed as a phase of the Westhills development in the City of Langford.

Westbrook Consulting provided Civil Engineering services for the project and was responsible for topographic survey, detailed design, and construction inspection services for the civil works.

The design aspects of the project included the challenge of incorporating water, storm drain, sanitary sewer, utility services, and parking stalls within the narrow available road allowance without conflict.

Storm water management, utilizing in ground disposal, was also necessary in order to maintain post-development drainage flows at pre-development levels, as to not overwhelm the existing system.

The project also featured the design of a significant roundabout at the intersection of Allouette Drive, Parkdale Drive and Glen Lake Road, as well as offsite road improvements along both Glen Lake Road and Parkdale Drive.

Another interesting aspect of the project is that the Parkdale Creek project was one of the pilot projects for the BC Hydro Alternate Service Delivery program. The program entailed the diversification of traditional BC Hydro design roles back to a pre-approved private design, procurement and construction consultant.  Westbrook found this alternate method of project delivery very efficient and was pleased when the pilot program was so successful that is was implemented on a permanent basis and expanded to other areas of the province.

Detailed design works commenced in late 2007 and construction was completed in 2010.

Key personnel: Mike Wignall; Bruce Crawshaw; Kevin Hossack

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